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Benefits of Using Online Accounting Services

24 April 2019

Many people are put off becoming self employed or setting up their own small business due to the complex financial responsibility that comes with it. You might be well qualified and passionate enough to go it alone, but you may also be concerned about understanding your finances, the current laws and legislations, as well as…

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How We Can Contact HMRC on Your Behalf

22 March 2019

Before we can get started in helping you take back control of your finances, we’ll need you to fill in a 64-8 ‘authorising your agent’ form. This enables SixtyFour8 to act as your official agent, allowing us to deal with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on your behalf, relieving you of all the stress number…

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Your Personal Accountant

08 February 2019

Finding a personal accountant that you trust can be a real struggle. You need someone that will take good care of the financial side of your business and is also always on hand to discuss any possible concerns that you may have. When you choose SixtyFour8 you’ll be provided with your own accounting consultant who’s…

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