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Construction Guide: What is the Building Safety Bill?

23 May 2022

Building safety is a top priority when building and maintaining a property. This Bill is set to become law by July 2022 (the Building Safety Act 2022), making it important to brush up on, especially as a construction worker. So, what is the Building Safety Bill? Find out all the information you need to know…

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What Types of Construction Jobs are there?

28 April 2022

Does construction work look like the right career for you? Once you know what you need to get into construction, it’s probably time to start thinking ‘what type of construction jobs are there?’ We’ve got you covered – read on to find out. Why do you need to choose a construction worker type? If you…

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What Do You Need to be a Construction Worker?

15 March 2022

A career in construction can be a highly rewarding job, with great work environment and hands on experience. Construction is the perfect industry for people with all types of experience, meaning you can get yourself into the industry in many different ways. So, if you’re wondering how to be a construction worker, find out all…

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Maternity & Paternity Leave if You’re Self-Employed

15 February 2022

Working out your benefits when being self-employed can be a difficult task. Add in a new baby on the way and things get slightly more confusing. If you’re looking for the maternity leave self-employed people are entitled to, paternity for self-employed people, or shared parental leave, you need to know what you’re entitled to, to…

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How Much Should I Charge as a Contractor?

04 January 2022

The leap to go from a permanent, full-time work to contracting is a big one and often one of the most stressful bits is trying to work out just how much to charge as a contractor. It’s important for you to quote the correct market rate as if you go too high, you could miss…

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